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Revisionist History® newsletter issue no. 95

In-depth study: 
Black Magic in Hasidic Judaism
 Topics include: Origins; Magic and the Rise of Hasidic Judaism; Polytheistic gods of Judaism; Satan advises rabbis: kill converts to Christianity; Kabbalah dogma: defeat evil by embracing it; Corpse veneration yields absolution for sins; Idolization of Rabbi Baal Shem Tov as “God in the Flesh”; God’s “imperfect” creation to be perfected through the intervention of human brain power; Hasidism a “cloaked theology." 

King Phillip II, Usury Bankers and Spanish Army Devastation
Necromancy in Parkland
Requiem for an Indian Fighter — Review of the movie “Hostiles”
Also: The Real Ruler of Illinois (it’s not the governor); Hatred for the West Weaponized in the Rise of Communist China; P.G. Wodehouse the Pariah; and more.

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